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Upon arrival

Right after arriving in Poland we invite to our office, where he will talk in detail about issues in which we could help and assist. We will take You on the city tour to show You the most interesting and important places, (offices, shopping centres, restaurants, medical clinics, fitness clubs, cinemas, theaters...) connected with Your living here.  We will support You with all necessary information and useful  knowledge.

We will give You a brochure containing information that will be helpful during the first weeks of stay in Rzeszów, including the most important phone numbers, mini-dictionary, the most useful phrases, map of the city.

We will also help You to find the optimal offer housing, assist in the selection of school and take  care of  complex issues connected with the legalization of Your stay and work in Poland

Contact Us

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Emergency call

+48 603475700em-call

NIP: 813-356-37-46
REGON: 180362918
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Sąd Rejonowy w Rzeszowie
XII Wydział Gospodarczy
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