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Recommendation from Gary Michaels (Sikorsky Aircraft Company)



Sp. z o.o.
35-105 Rzeszów
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Gary Michaels

S-70i Operations Manager

PZL Mielec, Poland

Sikorsky Aircraft Company

Janusz and Ewa

I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me over the last 2 ½ years. From the day I arrived in Poland to look at the house I eventually rented and the lease you negotiated, there was an instant comfort level that made the transaction a joy rather than a nerve racking experience. Subsequently the help I received in shopping for needed items and the assistance with any questions at all made the transition to living in Poland a great experience.  I remember the time I had a critical package hung up in customs and I didn’t hesitate to call BA.  The response was to take the entire situation in hand and work through the issues to get me the package, never any hesitation just a sincere effort to help.  The job you both do is amazing.  I had you negotiate my last lease extension, after I foolishly did the previous on my own, and realized the mistake I had made.  Always go to the professionals and there is no one more professional, courtious, and willing to help than Business Assistance, Ltd.  This letter was long overdue but never too late.  I look forward to more years of living in Poland and know I have friends now, not just business people, that I can rely on.  Thank you very much for being the great people that you are. Dziekuje bardzo!

Gary Michaels


Sp. z o.o. 
35-105 Rzeszów 
ul. Przemysłowa 14 
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