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Recommendation from ALEKSANDAR HABSID


Refers to: Business Assistance Ltd's

I would like to express delight with overall service Business Assistance Ltd's representatives provided to me and my family in preparation and during my international assignment.

When a person/family have to change their home for a longer period (and expat program relocations are typical example), arranging life and adjusting to new surrounding is very often a painful experience. Thanks to Ewa Litwin and Janusz Warchoł (from Business Assistance Ltd's) relocation for my family from Toronto, Canada to Rzeszów, Poland was just one wonderful experience.

Complete relocation program is taken very seriously by my company (United Technologies Corp. / Pratt & Whitney Canada) and a lot of preparation has been done in advance to make transition smoother for us as new expats. However it is always the quality of service that makes the difference and we were thankful that the right choice has been made by CARTUS (relocation specialists handling UTC expats’ relocation).

From the first moment we started emails correspondence up to today, everything done by Ewa and Janusz made our life in Rzeszów easier. They completed their task (to find our new home) very professionally, during and after this task they went far beyond regular professional service and I can openly say that we were feeling more like a family members to them than only a business partners / customers. Here are some examples to support my statement:

$1-    “house hunting” trip was organized perfectly, 12+ premises were shown, everything on tight schedule with absolutely no delays or cancellations; this helped us a lot to find appropriate housing

$1-    Lease contract was prepared by Ewa / Janusz with no objections from each side (landlord / myself / UTC)

$1-    Certain details negotiated successfully with landlord (additional furnishing, TV + satellite dish, rent discount) which resulted in  savings of 1000zł+ per month for UTC

$1-    Janusz prepared detailed package list from satellite provider for us to choose as per our preferences

$1-    Upon my arrival Ewa arranged initial residence permit for me

$1-    Detailed instructions for all monthly utility bills were prepared

$1-    Touristic visit to Rzeszów underground site arranged for us

$1-    Useful information on events (concerts, shows) or important tips on life in Rzeszów are provided to us occasionally thru emails

$1-    Ewa and Janusz provided their cell-phone contact info to us with offer to call them any time we need help (from simple translations to answers on where to go or buy something)

This list can go on and on, but this is what I recall as the highlights of services we have received over the last 18 months.

I am highly recommending this company and I will continue to suggest their services to be used by any of my colleagues who are planning international assignment.


Manager, Pratt & Whitney International


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